Education Abroad

Should you study in the US?

Why have so many international students chosen to study in the US over another country?

The US hosts more international students than any other country in the world, a number fast approaching 600,000. In fact, international students comprise approximately 4% of the total undergraduate US University and US college population, and 10% for US graduate school. These international students from every continent in the world choose to study in the US because they believe that a US education would afford them the best preparation for their future. In fact, International students who study in the US contribute more than $13 billion to the US economy.

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What do Grad Schools want?

What do graduate admissions committees look for in graduate applicants? Understanding what graduate schools want in applicants is the first step in tailoring your experiences and application to make yourself irresistible to the graduate programs of your dreams.

So just what do admissions committees look for? Their goal is to identify applicants who will become important researchers and leaders in their field. In other words, admissions committees try to select the most promising students. What's a promising student? One who has the ability to become an excellent graduate student and professional.

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University Selection – Factors to consider

Selecting the best list of graduate schools is undoubtedly the most important step in a student's pursuit of quality education in United States. Students tend to falter in this regard and face long term issues during and after graduation too. Most of the students who have studied in different US Universities are of the opinion that studying in a good university has many advantages like:

  • Excellent research facilities and Immense opportunities for the deserving
  • Many ways to finance your education: Scholarships, Assistantships & other forms of financial aid
  • During MS, you have the opportunity to work as a part of your internship or the CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) program
  • After MS, you are given a chance to work in the US as a part of the OPT (Optional Practical Training) program which can later be converted into a work visa (H1B), if interested
  • The kind of graduate school experience you enjoy in good schools is unparalleled

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