Career Guidance

Not so long ago, we walked through similar walks with many apprehensions and great dreams about our future. The sleepless nights and tensed wakeful hours did not end after getting a job. We continued to observe the trends and soak up the changes. During this pursuit we met each other. We discussed new ideologies on walk ways, in coffee shops and lived a dream of transporting our learning to other students. We had not only been in your shoes but have also learnt and mastered the trade.

We took up the responsibility of architecting and securing the future of the students. That's when we started Asset Development Program (ADP) usually known as Campus Recruitment training (CRT). With a huge success in ADP and with the mighty experience we got by training 1500 students in a span of 1 year, we started Language and Technology Training for students as COIGN team had the industry expertise in IT Sector. E-Learning became our next solution for training when we urged to reach masses of students thriving to taste success in Job Market.

Career Guidance Chart

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