Campus Recruitment Training

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COIGN introduces Asset Development Program, a pioneering Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) module.

OUR MODULE: aims at building an Asset indispensable for any Employer. Well, How is it done?, is what is important. "REAL training takes place one player at a time", there lies the secret of our success till date. We believe that our "Seminar Hall talks" and "Motivational Speeches" will only serve in instigating thrive for success in a student. And when the student starts working to improve we train "one to one".

OUR TOOLS:Our "Individual Student Counseling sessions", tools like "Skill O Meter – Performance Tracking Tool", E-learning Software Application – Know D Edge" actually make us analyze best about individual students, suggest best learning plans and thus train students for the best of their capabilities.

OUR METHODOLOGY:It is an intelligent combination of training, technology and fun in learning. We mould fresh graduates into priced assets who are ready to face any challenge head-on. We craft a student to be a winner forever. We call it Asset Development Program.

Our training module emphasizes on:

  • Self Assessment
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Group dynamics
  • Technical and Domain expertise

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