Our Perception of Training:

Any training/hard work done without any aim is just a waste of time. Hence "to help out the
students" / "extending our helping hand to students" we @ COIGN kick start the training with Profile
Evaluation followed by Pre Assessment Test, Setting Target, Focused Training based on Pre
Assessment Test, Mock Tests and then a Final Assessment of the Student abilities.

Profile Evaluation

We evaluate your profile and suggesting a target score and list of universities based on your interests

Pre Assessment Test (PAT)

A diagnostic test to understand the student's present standard and areas of improvement

Setting Target

Based on the student's profile, present standard and interests, we set a target score

Focused and Rigorous Training

Based on student's areas of improvement and target score, we give focused training as suggested by graduates of US universities

Mock Tests

Practising is an important part of preparation. Get good number of opportunities to test and improve yourself.

Final Assessment

Finals tips on test taking, time management, previous experiences and general areas of focus are discussed with the students to give them confidence In short, our training starts with a Pre Assessment Test (PAT) which gives the students a crystal clear view of what & how they should do and ends with a Final Assessment which makes sure that they met all the necessary requirements for scoring high in the respective exams.