Learn. Assess. Evolve.

Experience the fun way of learning with
the help of various interactive,
real time learning experiences.

Why Knowdedge?




Learn. Assess. Evolve.

Get your hand on the exclusive assessment tests that
enable you to assess your knowledge, level of
employability and your performance.

Why Knowdedge?



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Learn. Assess. Evolve.

A one stop solution with which you can rate
yourself with the help of 6-stage feedback report
on skills, capabilities and your chances of selection.

Why Knowdedge?




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Knowdedge by numbers

KnowDedge is a tool that takes you to a virtual learning environment where you can find online resources to fine-tune your skills that help you in getting employed. KnowDedge is devised to focus on e-learning which is any day more interactive, intuitive, efficient, useful and fun when compared to the age old, boring and conventional classroom learning.


Students get a one stop solution for their career needs through.


Colleges get a skill development partner who offers.


Corporates get a talent acquisition partner who provides.

Our Testimonials
The knowdedge.com website by coign is an excellent compilation of tests and exercises which are perfectly categorized in various topics and help us prepare for the questions usually asked in most aptitude exams
Saba Samdhani - CBIT Student CBIT Student testimonial
Getting placed in a dream Company is awesome, Thanks COIGN from the bottom of our hearts for all the support you gave us ....and wish u all the good luck in all the noble deeds u wish to accomplish.
K.Aravind - Gayatri Student Gayatri Student testimonial
One of the best Online Learning portal I ever came across, Special Mention to the Ask an expert option which helps us to interact with experts 24/7..
Gajanan.M - MGIT Student MGIT Student testimonial
One thing I liked in the portal is the personolized report generation mechanism, which helped me in understanding where I stand and helped me in preparing further.
Shwetha.T, IIIT - RGUKT Student RGUKT Student testimonial
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