Web Technologies

Web hosting   ||   Course Code: WH01   ||   Course Duration: 10 hrs [Including Dynamic project]

This Add-on course will give you a very clear idea about HTML , CSS, Roundtrips, Web page life cycle, Hosting in IIS, Apache, Hosting in Servers, Transferring files to remote servers using FTP, domain registration, Creating your own websites and hosting etc.

Dotnet Ajax: Course Code: AA01: Most of the websites are using partial page rendering rather than complete page post back which makes the users comfortable when they are browsing the website. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is the reason behind this in most of the websites.

Under this course: Java script, XML, Forming XMLHTTP request and response, Working with AJAX tool kit in Dotnet, ASP. Net Ajax toolkit usage etc.

Highlights of the courses:
  • All these courses are designed by Real time industry Professionals.
  • During the course you will be doing case studies which helps you to understand the course very clearly.
  • You will be guided through a sample project on the technology you opt.
  • Exams will be conducted.